Aims of the Association

  1. To Bring down precalence of Sickle Cell gene in India with special emphasis on Central India
  2. To provide uniform diagnostic criteria for clinical assessment
  3. To provide screening and confirmatory diagnostic test facilities to the patients
  4. Comprehensive treatment to patients.
  5. Establish pre natal diagnostic facilities.
  6. To create awareness about the disease and mass education about the ill effects of the disease.
  7. To conduct research in the field of Sickle Cell Disease.
  8. Preparation of Information, Education and Communication material.
  9. To train medical/non-medical/paramedical and nursing staff and prepare policies for there health care.
  10. To strengthen blood transfusion facilities.
  11. To extend and strengthen co-operation with individuals/institutions with similar objectives.
  12. To bring down mortality and morbidity due to the Sickle Cell Disease and to improve quality of life.
  13. To provide counseling to the Sickle Cell Disease patiebts and family member.
  14. To organise academic activities workshops, conferences, CME etc.
  15. To form support group for parents and patients of the Sickle Cell Disease.
  16. Vocational Training of patients with disability due to the Sickle Cell Disease.
  17. To do all such lawful acts for the furtherance of abjectives of society.
  18. To exhaust Government and Non-Government schemes for fighting against the Sickle Cell Disease and abide by any such acts and things for the furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  19. Creation of Website of Association